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Tapper Now Integrates with QuickBooks Online!

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How Payments From Tapper Syncs into QBO

Any payments recorded with Tapper (including manual entries) will be automatically updated in your QuickBooks Online (QBO) as a "sales receipt", deposited into your checking account. If there are payments processing fees attached with the transaction, such expense will be recorded in the as an "Expense" item in QBO accordingly. 

When the payment is updated with an invoice in Tapper, the sales receipt will be removed, and an associated payments and invoice entry will be created to reflect the new customer information. 

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How Estimates & Invoices From Tapper Syncs into QBO

All estimates and invoices sent from Tapper will be updated in your QBO account automatically, with the status of such estimates (converted or rejected) and invoices (paid, partially paid or unpaid). 

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